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DCM-Marketing Scales Tech Start-up Sales to $1M Monthly via Facebook and TikTok Ads


A budding tech start-up, specializing in smart home products, was in dire need to shift from a stagnant $100K monthly revenue. DCM-Marketing stepped in with an ambition to hit the million-dollar mark within months.


10x the tech start-up's monthly revenue by diving deep into the digital social media ecosystem.


Research and Analysis
  • Evolving tech market dynamics

  • Buyer personas and behaviors

  • Competitive analysis

  • Product USPs

Channel Selection
  • Facebook for detailed product showcases and user testimonials

  • TikTok for engaging demos and interactive product challenges

Ad Creation
  • 4K visuals demonstrating product efficiency

  • User-generated content integration

  • CTAs such as "Upgrade Your Home Today!"

Budget Allocation
  • Facebook: 65%

  • TikTok: 35%


Phase 1: Product Piloting (Week 1-2)

A/B Testing: Multiple ad sets spotlighting diverse product lines.

Budget: Initial investment of $50,000 across platforms.

Phase 2: Refinement & Retargeting (Week 3)

Data Analysis: Scrutinized metrics like CTR, CPC, and add-to-cart rates.

Ad Optimization: Retargeting campaigns for engaged but non-converting users.

Phase 3: Full Throttle (Week 4 onwards)

Budget Increase: Scaled ad budget to $150,000.

Collaborations: Engaged tech influencers on TikTok for product reviews.


Key Performance Indicators:

  • Engagement Rate: Skyrocketed from 1.5% to 7.0%

  • Conversion Rate: Amplified growth from 2.0% to 6.0%

  • Average Cart Value: Surged due to upselling strategies


The start-up's monthly revenue rocketed from $100K to an astounding $1M in just five months.


Each advertising dollar spun an impressive $6.6 in sales.

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