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 Scaling a Home Improvement Business from $3K to $70K Monthly via Facebook and TikTok Ads


A small, local home improvement venture was facing challenges in expanding its client base, with monthly revenues stalling at $3K. Recognizing the importance of a strategic online presence, they explored the potential of social media advertising.


Increase monthly revenue more than twentyfold by leveraging Facebook and TikTok ads.


Research and Analysis
  • Examined regional home improvement demands and preferences.

  • Crafted specific buyer personas based on regional demographics.

  • Analyzed similar businesses' online strategies in the vicinity.

Channel Selection
  • Facebook for sharing detailed project narratives, client reviews, and transformation stories.

  • TikTok for engaging clips showcasing quick renovation tips, and glimpses of ongoing projects.

Ad Creation
  • Produced high-quality, relatable content focusing on the tangible impact of their services.

  • Incorporated CTAs such as "Discover Your Home's New Look!" and "Quick Fixes, Big Impacts!"

Budget Allocation
  • Facebook: 60%

  • TikTok: 40%


Phase 1: Initial Exploration (Week 1-2)

A/B Testing: Rolled out diverse ads to discern the most effective ones.

Budget: Started with a conservative investment of $1,500 across platforms.

Phase 2: Fine-tuning (Week 3-4)

Metrics Analysis: Kept a close watch on KPIs like engagement rate and lead generation.

Ads Refinement: Narrowed down to the most impactful and engaging ads.

Phase 3: Sustained Effort (Week 5 onwards)

Budget Augmentation: Increased the ad budget to $4,000.

Content Diversification: Started featuring client stories, spotlighting team members, and sharing more hands-on renovation techniques.


Key Performance Indicators:

  • Engagement Rate: Grew from 1.0% to 4.8%.

  • Conversion Rate: Shot up from 0.8% to 2.9%.

  • Average Project Value: Boosted by focusing on all-inclusive renovation packages.


The venture's monthly revenue leaped from $3K to a commendable $70K in a span of six months.


For each dollar spent on the advertising campaigns, there was a $15 increase in sales.

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