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Marketing Strategy

We are a full-service digital advertising agency based in Massachusetts that helps you get your message out to the right people. Proper advertising engages your target audience and determines how/if a consumer interacts with brands, purchases products/services, and refers others to you. By providing a unique ad creative to each of our clients, we not only personalize the way their audience sees them, but emphasize every aspect of their mission in the process. Our mission is to help your business grow and succeed, and we don’t stop optimizing your campaigns until it does. Drawing on our experience with social media advertising, we utilize optimal strategy on Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram to ensure that your target audience is reached on a variety of platforms.

Digital Presence

DCM Marketing plays a pivotal role in boosting a company's digital presence. Through our tailored approach, we ensure each client's unique message is communicated effectively and consistently across all digital platforms. We strive to ensure businesses reach their target audience effectively. Each ad is designed to be user-friendly and engaging in order to maximize online attention. Our team's proficiency in ad creative, campaigning, and optimization strategies assures an optimal customer experience and a robust online foundation. Overall, DCM Marketing's suite of services is designed to empower businesses to have a strong, impactful, and consistent digital presence.

Our Mission

For us, the members of DCM Marketing, it’s not enough to simply get our clients off their feet. We need to see them soar. Upon the establishment of DCM Marketing, we promised not only our future clients but ourselves that we would work to make the dreams of our fellow business owners come true. It’s the reason why we commit to such high-value guarantees, not just because we know we can follow through with them, but because we envision a high level of success for those who work with us. It’s the reason why we work one-on-one with you to ensure not only that you’re successful, but also that you understand the process of how you became successful as well. It’s the reason why if you don’t profit, we don’t either. We prioritize YOU!

Behind the Business

Domenic Capalbo is an entrepreneur, investor, and the backbone of DCM Marketing 


He started out his journey in 2022, when he traded cryptocurrency and NFTs. He found his love for sales when he established Project Mirage - an NFt Project of his own. There, he developed the skills in marketing, business, and investing that he used to scale DCM Marketing to a 6 figure company, and multiple other companies to the same status.


Mateo DiCicco, while holding the title of Vice President, is an active salesman and specialist in customer satisfaction. While already knowledgeable in reaching social media algorithms, he decided to apply his focus in learning about sales and marketing by working under Domenic Capalbo.

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