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Scales a Home Improvement Start-up from $4.5K to $240K Monthly with Facebook and TikTok Ads


A fledgling home improvement business was struggling to find its footing in a saturated market, generating a modest revenue of $4.5K per month. The firm realized the need for an impactful digital marketing strategy to upscale its revenue and market presence.


Dramatically boost monthly revenue using Facebook and TikTok ad campaigns, aiming for growth that would approach a quarter of a million dollars monthly.


Research and Analysis
  • Delved into local home improvement trends and preferences.

  • Created buyer personas based on local demographics.

  • Conducted a competitive analysis of digital strategies used by similar businesses.

Channel Selection
  • Facebook for showcasing completed projects, before-and-after photos, and customer testimonials.

  • TikTok for engaging short videos featuring DIY tips, time-lapse transformations, and behind-the-scenes peeks.

Ad Creation
  • Developed high-quality visuals emphasizing the transformational aspect of their services.

  • Incorporated engaging CTAs such as "Unveil Your Home's Potential!" and "Dive into Transformation!"

Budget Allocation
  • Facebook: 65%

  • TikTok: 35%


Phase 1: Testing Waters (Week 1-2)

A/B Testing: Introduced varied ads to identify the highest-performing content.

Budget: Kept a modest initial investment of $3,000 across both platforms.

Phase 2: Data-Driven Scaling (Week 3-4)

Analysis: Metrics such as CTR, lead generation rate, and engagement were closely monitored.

Optimization: The ad sets were refined, focusing on the highest performers.

Phase 3: Accelerated Push (Week 5 onwards)

Budget Scaling: Given the promising results, the ad budget was increased to $10,000.

Content Diversification: Introduced client interviews, team introductions, and more DIY content based on audience feedback.


Key Performance Indicators:

  • Engagement Rate: Propelled from 1.2% to 5.5%.

  • Conversion Rate: Elevated from 0.5% to 3.2%.

  • Average Contract Value: Increased due to the promotion of more comprehensive renovation packages.


The firm's monthly revenue skyrocketed from $4.5K to a staggering $240K in just six months.


For every dollar spent on advertising, the firm reaped an impressive return of $20 in sales.

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